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Apr 13 2010

AVicious throws down at Secret Cedar Anniversary Party!

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Secret Cedar Anniversary Party from Jeff Corrigan on Vimeo.

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Nov 18 2009

E.B.N. Interviewed by #U2 #VJ #Skynoise

Published by John-Ryan Shea under Art, Video just recently release an interview with one of the founders of E.B.N. Zoo TV Tour by US was one of my insperations as a young man growing up in terms of how the pure definition of media was being skewed into it’s present and beautifully schizophrenic actuality. Here is an excerpt.

Hey guess what? It’s a thrill to present an interview with one of the founders of E.B.N., pioneers of audiovisual radness, and inspiration to many since way back in 1991. Yeah, those guys beaming their live video sampler performances from a bunch of TVs atop a station wagon on the Lollapalooza tour, the guys that made a video remix ‘album’ from Gulf War footage, and opened U2’s ZOO TV tour. That was E.B.N., and they paved the way for much of today’s live video. Although long disbanded, Brian Kane and the other founders, Joshua Pearson and Gardner Post, have each continued exploring various multimedia technologies ( links to each and more E.B.N. details / videos etc at their wikipedia page ). Brian’s thoughts below.

Back in 1992, you invented VuJak, the worlds first video sampler. What real-time video software impresses you today, and what surprises you about the ways video software has developed?
Ableton Live is amazing, and I also like the Pioneer DVJ line. I still use Max/MSP/Jitter because you can do so much and I have worked with it for many years. The Cycling74 folks have done a great job with Max, and Josh Clayton’s Jitter objects are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’ve seen some incredible things done with Processing, though I haven’t used it yet myself. What interests there is Mobile Processing, I am more and more interested in mobile/handheld video applications.


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Oct 14 2009

Watch This! – Telenoika Cultural Association @ Ingravid Festival in Figueres

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Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.

Audiovisual Mapping made by the Telenoika Cultural Association into the Jardí Theater facade, on the first edition of Ingravid Festival in Figueres. 20 min.

Crèdits / Credits :

Omar Àlvarez, Miki Arregui, Miguel Gozalbo, Kasero, Eloi Maduell, Santi Vilanova :: from Telenoika.NET -2009-

Agraiments / Thanks to :

Assoc.Cultural Telenoika
Mas Queló
Festival Ingràvid
BAF General de Catalunya

[email protected]

[Warping and video-player software developped by Eloi Maduell from with libs. Software will be available for downloading soon at]

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Oct 02 2009

Helicopter Boys: Hilarious, Brilliant, both, none…?

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?????????????????????????????? ??????????????? This is a video of the Helicopter Boyz live performance at Yomiuri Land which took place the other day. ?????????????????????????????? ???????????????…

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Jun 30 2009

QC: DoubleHelix Tutorial #VJ

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Quartz Composer/VDMX tutorial 4: Double Helix from goto10 on Vimeo.

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Mar 30 2009

AVicious & Transfer – Show Poster

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AVicious and Transfer will be playing a totally FREE ALL AGES show for on April 10th. If you want to check out the show head down to the studio and be there before 7pm:
X1FM Network
2434 Southport Way Ste.A
San Diego, CA 91950
Only a limited number of spaces are available for the show so we recommend that you get down there early as this one is going to be packed and fun! You will be able to see AVicious play live with Transfer in a most intimate setting and since the show is so early who knows what kinds of trouble we can get into after. Email us if you need any more information littlebear(at)avicio(dot)us

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Mar 10 2009

Neon Reverb Schedule Update

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Bunkhouse on March 14th – Saturday – Transer w/ AVicious

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Feb 16 2009

AVicious Tagging up the Cinespace Screen

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AVicious tagging up the Cinespace screen!

More pics and video are coming soon but here is a quick behind the scenes pic with Transfer setting up and AVicious tagging up the Cinespace Screen.

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Feb 13 2009


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Looks like we are splitting out of SXSW early and flying into San Diego for the very first “ALL SYSTEMS GO” – A Glorybound Production. This will be the first partnership with AVicious and Glorybound and we look forward to many more.

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Feb 16 2008

Army of Icons Pictures

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Here are some pictures from this weekend’s “Army of Icons” art showing at the San Diego Children’s Museum. The show was curated by the Adaptaproject groups. It was fun but I didn’t get there until 9pm and by that time the wine was finished. Boo. Still had a great time seeing Dave Mishoulam and Jordan Guzzardo’s work. Equally fun was trying to explain to my Mitt Romney voting friend what a practical definition of art could be. Oh, and I ran into the girl who broke my heart in seventh grade. bitch.

This was fun. Pizza now.

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