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Apr 13 2010

AVicious throws down at Secret Cedar Anniversary Party!

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Secret Cedar Anniversary Party from Jeff Corrigan on Vimeo.

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Mar 10 2009

Neon Reverb Schedule Update

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Bunkhouse on March 14th – Saturday – Transer w/ AVicious

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Feb 05 2009

TRANSFER’s “Remain” @ Belly Up Tavern 1.09

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Dec 02 2008


Published by avicious under Content, Film, Music put this great video out. Check out their site. Very well done.

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Nov 14 2008

Transfer Tour – Day 1

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Tucson venue we played.

Tucson venue we played.

The first day of tour is over and we are now resting poolside in Tempe. It was a flat out mad dash to get to Tucson last night. I really didn’t think we were going to make it. We had enough time to plug and play and that is it. The crowd was medium sized but were cool. Venue cats said it was a slow night but those that were there were into it.
Band through 4 new songs at us and so there was a lot of going off the fly. Was good at times but at others I found myself thinking a little too much. The new camera effects that we are doing are a cool addition to the multiple uses of negative space – be it inverted or not – that give more texture and depth to the image.
Tonight we are going to be playing “The Tap Room” in Tempe. Should be fun. Back to pool.


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Jan 18 2008

Last night in Silverlake

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Last night in Silverlake, originally uploaded by johnryanshea.

So I couldn’t totally keep the jack away but it was minimal (very minimal). Transfer, sea of cortez and archways are one bill that is loaded with talent. First time seeing sea of cortez play live which was rewarding as I have seen the entire timeline of this band playout from the garage of toms house to the move to LA and all the bandmates that have come and gone.Archways played solid. Everytime I hear that band play I see visuals stamped all over it. The music rolls in and out of moods and peaks high before bringing it back down to ease, well, with ease.Then transfer rocked it as always. You are a group of guys who play as tight as they do and then you realize that creatively you will be playing right along with them and you understand that you need to be well rehearsed just to make sure you keep pace. February 8th is going to be so much fun at the casbah. Last night was good inspiration and focus motivation to dial in this performance more so than ever before.Today I will be working on samples of high noon to add to “white horse”. The current backbone of the visual mix is good but beefing it up with a few gunfights will improve the light beat sync.

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